Churches Together in Benington and Walkern

St. Peter's Benington with St. Mary's Walkern

For those of you who would like to knit poppies, the following easy pattern is what people have been using:

The Petals of the Poppy

  • Cast on 60 stitches in red
  • Rows 1 10 K2 P2
  • Row 11 K2 tog across the row
  • Row 12 Slip 1 K2 tog psso across the row
  • Cut yarn leaving a tail and thread back through remaining stitches and pull stitches tight. Join edges.

Centre of the Poppy

  • Cast on eight stitches in black and knit eight rows
  • Cut yarn leaving a tail and thread through the stitches then run a line of running stitches around the outside of the square and pull up to form a round
  • Stitch the centre to the poppy.

For more help or information, please contact Pam Sayers.

When you have completed your poppy, please leave the poppy at the church.

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